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Are you looking for childcare in Launceston?

Is your child aged between 3 months and 11 years?


We are a private nursery based within Launceston and the surrounding area. We set up in 2008 to provide a service to families that was missing in the town, more than 10 years on we are proud to say we are still doing this.


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  • Staff fully trained in Forest School, outdoor trained and

      outdoor paediatric first aid trained.

  • Our own private woodland set up for fire, tool use,

      learning about nature, risky play and much more.

  • Garden areas at both settings to support our forest school ethos.

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  • Full day care for children aged 3 months up to y6 at primary

  • Open 51 weeks of the year Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm

  • Government funding. 2 year old funding, 15 hour funding and 30 hour funding accepted

  • Termtime, all year round or holiday club care whichever suits you best

  • Bespoke sessions to suit your work needs or even visits to the gym.

  • Voucher payments accepted

  • Breakfast club before school and drop off at school

  • After school club including pick up, snack and planned

      activities run by experienced staff

  • Holiday club for children up to the end of primary school.

      Weekly themed fun activities to pick and choose from.

  • Pick ups from many local schools in our Smiley people carriers.

      Please enquire.

  • Your child can still have holiday fun while you work with the

      options to pay using voucher schemes from work or the government.


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  • We use our Smiley people carriers to travel within our community, the town, the beach, the moors

  • We involve our children in local events, carnivals, local shows, competitions and displays

  • We visit people in our community, the elderly, the town council, churches and local shops

  • Children and staff attend and support local events, such as shows in the town hall etc.

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  • Homely environment based around hygge and Zen

  • Loose parts play to encourage imagination and curious freeplay

  • Authentic and natural resources to invite curiosity and discussion.

  • Child led learning based on interests, schemas, home life, cultures, using in the moment planning.

  • Invitations to learn by doing and exploring, often with no product at the end but focussing on process

  • Regular opportunities for wellbeing, mindfulness, yoga and being in touch and grounded using all our senses

  • Lots of outdoor learning inspired by the findings of educational theorists.

  • To enable all children to communicate, we use Makaton from an early age.

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Head office: Unit 3, Newport Industrial Estate, Lauceston, Cornwall, PL15 8EX
T. 01566 770895
F. 01566 770895
Or alternitively you can visit our Get in touch page!

Check back here soon for information on our policy and procedures we follow here at Smiley Happy People.

In the meantime please find our most recent ofsted reports below.

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